• Michelle

Lower Back Pain

Did you know most causes of lower back pain are from our lifestyle and are muscular / soft tissue pain, it is rarely caused by anything serious? The NHS will dissuade from scan and x-rays unless suspected fracture, malignancy, serious herniation or trapped nerve.

Bad posture causes our muscles to shorten and tighten, desk jobs and driving reduces our hip flexibility, couple that with inactivity and no wonder most people suffer with lower back pain at some point in their lives.

If your lower back pain flares up, keep active as much as possible, modifying your movements to ease any discomfort, try not to be immobile for too long.

Consider keeping a diary to identify aggravating factors; is it after you have been seated or standing for a period of time, or a particular activity?

Do not be frightened to use your back muscles and be active, your back is strong and needs movement.

Mental stress will also cause muscle tension, tight muscles are inefficient and cause other muscles to compensate, pulling your posture out of line. Make time for relaxation, but try active relaxation, swimming, exercise bike, strength exercises such as Pilates / Yoga, these activities will help weaker muscles to strengthen, and shortened muscles to lengthen, this will improve posture which can address most causes of lower back pain. It will also promote improved mental health and sleep.

Remedial holistic massage supports both relaxation and muscle recovery and condition. With regular massage and some lifestyle changes your lower back pain can be reduced and a better quality of life achieved.



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