• Michelle

Effective Breathing Techniques


‘Rest and repair’ or ‘rest and digest’, however you know it, is the nervous system that should be engaged for 80% of our time, alternatively the ‘fight and flight’ nervous system, which does have its uses, should only be engaged the remaining 20%.

Unfortunately with modern society our bodies are finding it increasingly difficult to switch between the two, finding we have the fight and flight nervous system engaged more than is healthy.

Western society is suffering from chronic illnesses brought on by this fight and flight state, it affects all of our body systems, including sleep patterns, digestion/appetite, short tempers, muscle tension/fatigue, our relationships and our attitude, to name but a few.

Anyone who has had an appointment with me knows how effective the correct breathing technique can be to reduce stress and add to our overall wellbeing. See the attached Dr.Chatterjee link for a handful of breathing techniques; you may find one that is easier for you to adopt especially when feeling the negative effects of stress!

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