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Benefits of Keeping Hydrated

I know I do go on to my clients about keeping hydrated but here is an article from the magazine ‘Inside the Human Body’, which explains simply why it is so important.

About 60 percent of a typical adult human’s body weight is water and it is vital for transporting carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and oxygen to the cells and carrying waste away. This helps to keep the brain alert, absorb nutrients from food into the blood stream, filter out waste product through urine, regulate blood pressure and body temperature and lubricate the muscles and joints.

Water leaves your body through sweat, urine and even your breath, so must be replenished by drinking regularly.

Even if you lose just one percent of your body weight through fluid loss, you become dehydrated. If you don’t replenish your body’s fluid levels within 24 hours then you will start to suffer severe reduction in your physical and cognitive performance.

From Willow The waste it talks about is from cell respiration; massage, especially trigger point work helps the blood to absorb this waste material, freeing up the fibres and cells to work more efficiently, aided with hydration!

Also, from my observation people who do consume enough water and keep themselves hydrated do not look their age therefore is also very effective in combating the signs of ageing, plus, it is also free!

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