the benefits

of REMEDIAL Massage Therapy

The mind and body are connected, healthy mind, healthy body and vice versa. Massage helps to promote self-healing, it engages the rest and repair nervous system (para-sympathetic), taking us from our stressed states to a state where our body is working towards being in balance allowing it to support all of our body systems to work as they should.

Massage helps to repair damaged tissues whether that be muscular or skeletal, including bones, joints and connective tissues (fascia, tendons, ligaments), improving

range of movement and muscle flexibility. It promotes blood flow, delivering nutrients where needed and encourages the cell metabolic process.

If our muscles are overworked, damaged, constantly tense through stress or bad posture then blood flow is hindered and the repair process almost diminished.

Overtime scar tissue and adhesions will develop, resulting in aches and pains (i.e. a stiff neck), joint problems (i.e. frozen shoulder), nerve pressure (i.e. Sciatica).

Stress a condition we all know but rarely address is attributed to; a sluggish digestive tract, suppressed immune system, disrupted sleep patterns, aggression, short fuse, lack of energy. Resulting in acute and chronic illnesses, poor relationships, bad food choices and all to regular glass of wine. Regular massage will support you to address these negative issues, help your body back to balance and promote a healthy mind.

The massages I give vary greatly but aim to produce the same outcome which is for us to be in touch with our bodies, to give them time to relax and repair and have an understanding of what they need to promote that well-being we all strive for.

My massages can be anything from a light, relaxing de-stress massage, where you completely switch off, my aim for you is an almost meditative state. Through to a remedial, deep tissue massage, focusing on trigger points (adhesion's, knots) and tense muscles that have lost the ability to relax on their own.

My range of techniques also provide anything in between very light to deep tissue, are suitable and beneficial for lots of medical conditions, i.e. Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Menopause, Anxiety, Depression, Fractures (once healed or compensating muscles whilst healing).